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    With all the tools necessary to get the job done, no matter what size, St. Laurent & Son are your excavation experts.

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Maine Construction, Excavation & Aggregates

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Material Sales & Delivery
  • /materials
    Screened Loam
    Screened Sand
    3/4" Asphalt Reclaim
    3/4" Crushed Gravel
  • Bank Run Clay
    3/4" Crushed Stone
    3/8" Crushed Stone/Pea Stone
    4" Crushed Gravel
  • Bank Run Sand
    Stone Dust
    1.5" Crushed Gravel
    1.5" Crushed Stone
  • Rip Rap 12" and larger
    Rip Rap 6" - 10"
    Winter Sand
    Tail Ends
  • 4" Crushed Concrete
    Underdrain Sand
    6" Crushed Gravel
Call Today to Insure Timely Delivery for Your Memorial Day Project!

Do you have big plans for this Memorial Day weekend? Are visions of a beautiful lawn, lovely gardens or a pot hole free driveway or road dancing in your head? Be sure to call St. Laurent & Son today. We're your first step in curb appeal.   We Deliver - See Our Delivery Area Figure out what you need and call 784-7944. Our friendly customer...

2017 Auburn Hampshire Street Reconstruction Project

It’s been a long time coming, but the 2017 Auburn Hampshire Street Reconstruction Project is wrapping up! We take great pride in finishing our projects on time, but a series of unexpected events delayed the project. Our crew noticed some things below grade that had to be addressed by higher powers. Unfortunately, this delayed the completion date...