Construction Terminology

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Asphalt Reclaim

Also known as RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement), this process takes removed pavement material and recycles it to be used again.

Bank Run Clay

 A type of clay used as a layer underneath topsoil placed in sandy areas.

Bank Run Sand

This product is pulled out of the bank of our gravel pit. It is not screened, so it is a perfect product for fill.


A bulldozer is a large heavy tractor fitted with tracks and a blade that can push large piles of material around a work site.  They consist of tracks, blade, and a cab.  Sometimes they are additionally fitted with a ripper for loosening ground obstructions.  There are many... Read More


In construction, compaction refers to compressing soils such as gravel, sand, clay, or other materials in order to provide a stable support for additional layers.  Compaction can occur from something small and handheld such as a tamper up to a large, self-propelled, rolling... Read More

Crushed Concrete

 This product can be used for driveways and patios, and is a lower cost option than crushed gravel.

Crushed Gravel

This kind of gravel has been broken down into a products smaller than general gravel and is commonly used for driveway surfacing.

Crushed Stone

Angular rock that is broken down to desired sizes. Check out our crushed stone options to see if we have what you need.

Disposal Services

Removal of waste and excess materials from any landscaping, clean-up, demolition or construction project.


An excavator is a piece of heavy construction equipment used for many functions from digging to material handling to demolition to mining and general landscaping.  They range in size from small, compact mini excavators weighing in at 2000 pounds to gigantic powerful machines weighing in... Read More

Grade Stake

These are stakes that are used as demarcations for elevations.  Usually these are made from wood, often of a cheap variety since grade stakes are often broken or buried in the construction or engineering process.  Grade stakes are usually used in conjunction with GPS systems,... Read More

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel is also another interchangeable name for Pea Stone, which is 3/8" stone.

Pea Stone

Pea Stone is a common name for 3/8" Crushed Stone.  You can find our Pea Stone here:
Pea Stone

Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting is a specialized process that involves pulling a bursting head through an old pipe which is followed immediately by an expander, which moves away surrounding fill, and this in turn is followed by the new pipe.  It takes up less space and involves less time to complete than... Read More

Plate Compactor

The plate compactor consists of a vibrating base-plate which can either be powered by its own engine and controlled by a construction worker by hand or it may be attached to an excavator or backhoe and powered and controlled from within the machine itself.  Plate compactors are often... Read More