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Road Construction

You can count on St. Laurent & Son to construct your road to exact specifications. We handle any road construction need from heavy highway, to city streets, to your subdivision.

Like anything else, road construction is more involved than it may first appear.  Sure, it’s about shaping and grading, bringing in the proper aggregate, moving earth for embankments and drainage. But it’s also about being organized and efficient, so traffic delays can be minimized.  

If you are the decision maker for municipal, state or subdivision road construction or road repair be sure St Laurent & Son gives you a quote. Our quotes are spot on and thoughtful. You’ll get a number that accurately assesses all the details in the project without any surprises.

Road Construction Standards

St. Laurent & Son can meet or exceed any of the particular engineering, environmental, or legal standards necessary to complete the road construction project.  We handle erosion and drainage controls while obtaining all of the materials that are needed to complete the project.

Road Maintenance 

St. Laurent & Son can also handle road maintenance, reclamation, or stabilization and can provide you with consultation and quotes on the process as well as material disposal services.  Road reclamation includes removal of tar and unnatural strata and construction material and the replacement of natural soils and rocks as well as habitat. All roads deteriorate and gravel shoulders need maintenance as erosion occurs over time.

See some of our recent road construction projects below:

L&L Estates in Lewiston

L&L Estates in Lewiston

We’ve had a busy summer.  Our crew recently did work at L&L Estates where we built a new road for a subdivision in Lewiston.  Our scope of work also included all the storm pipes and catch basins needed for proper drainage, swales along both…

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Significant Reconstruction for Hampshire Street!

The nearly ½ mile stretch of Hampshire Street from Turner Street to Gamage Avenue is being rebuilt by St. Laurent & Son this summer with completion planned for late fall.  This is a full depth reconstruction with removal of old pavement and…

Minot DOT Intersection and Drainage Project

Minot DOT Intersection and Drainage Project

Here is a situation where we worked a DOT project at an intersection involving drainage and road construction.