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Sewer Line Excavation Services

Telltale Signs of a Blocked or Broken Sewer Line

  • When all your drains seem to be slow or clogged
  • A strong sewer smell
  • Gurgling toilets
  • Unusual green patches or indentations on your lawn

Call Your Plumber

They will determine whether the problem is inside the home, or in between your house and the street. Unfortunately, should it be a broken sewer line between your home and the street it is your responsibility.

Call St. Laurent and Son

Obviously, this is a problem you want to solve as soon as possible. St. Laurent & Son will send someone over immediately. Together with you,  and your plumber, we’ll assess the situation then we’ll mobilize our crew and start work within hours.

It’s best to avoid emergency repairs as they can be expensive. Should you have any of the telltale signs described above give us a call. We'll help you prevent an inevitable event. Don’t wait until you get yourself in a sh*tty situation! 

Call us today to schedule sewer line replacement service.