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Snow Removal

You may have your own plow guy/gal but if they are not equipped to remove those big piles of snow clogging up your lot call St. Laurent and Son. We’ll be there in a jiffy!

Central Snow Dump Saves You Money

We are more economical than our competitors because we have a central snow dump in downtown Lewiston, which minimizes trucking time. Since most snow removal is billed hourly we can remove snow at a lower cost than our competitors!  Count on our large fleet of front-end loaders and dump trucks to get the snow out and give you your parking spaces back.

Call St Laurent & Son now to book your Snow Removal - 784-7944 or Contact Us 



Large Lot Snow Plowing Services

St. Laurent & Son will work with you to provide the best coverage for your business, we will contract "by storm", "by the inch", "by the hour" or "by the season". We prioritize your businesses busy times and make sure the parking lots and roadways are clear and safe for your employees and customers. We have enough crews to provide continuous support throughout the longest storms and still allow everyone to go home and sleep. A tired driver is not a safe driver and safety is our number one concern. 

We provide:

  • Free Onsite Estimates
  • Hourly or Flat Rate Fees
  • Same Day Removal Available Often
  • Equipment for Any Job, Small or Large
  • We also sell Sand, Salt, and Salted Sand delivered and for pickup

If you think it is too early to start thinking about snow, think again! We sign yearly contracts months before the first snowfall. Call today to reserve your spot. Don't wait for the next crippling blizzard, call today.