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Trenchless Excavation

St. Laurent & Son has a Trenchless Solution for Water, Sewer and Storm Lines.

  • We’ll minimize the excavation area to the smallest possible footprint.  
  • We’ll complete the job in a fraction of the typical trench replacement time.  
  • We’ll do it in a cost-effective manner giving you more value than traditional solutions.

Municipalities See Value in Using Trenchless Technology
Are you a municipality with deteriorating water or sewer lines or, do you need to upsize smaller mains to larger ones? Our approach is well proven and effective.  It uses existing utility routes; reduces construction, design and planning costs; and minimizes disruptions to traffic flow. It’s safe for both workers and pedestrians.   

Pipe Bursting or Sliplining Technique? 
Our pipe-bursting technique replaces a malfunctioning pipe by running a bursting head through the existing pipe. An expander follows the bursting head, pushing the surrounding soil away, which, allows the space for the new pipe to be pulled through. This technique is highly regarded because it takes up less space and is completed in a fraction of the time of traditional trench methods.

Another trenchless technology method we use is sliplining. A smaller pipe is slipped into a larger pipe and pushed to the end. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), FiberGlass Reinforced Pipe (FRP) and PVC are all potential pipe candidates for sliplining. At the end of the process the new pipe improves the host pipe’s structural integrity repairing all possible infiltration.

Learn more about how we installed nearly 1/3 of a mile of HDPE pipe for the Portland Water District’s Mussey Road Project.

We can replace all manner of pipe including:

  • AC
  • Cast Iron
  • Clay
  • Concrete
  • Ductile Iron
  • Galvanized
  • PVC

Our trenchless excavation division can install water and sewer lines under existing structures, roadways or sidewalks with minimal excavation needed. 

Want more information on trenchless excavation and how it might work for you? Call St. Laurent & Son, Inc. or fill out our contact form to solve your water or sewer line repair or upsize your old system.