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Call Today to Insure Timely Delivery for Your Memorial Day Project!

Do you have big plans for this Memorial Day weekend? Are visions of a beautiful lawn, lovely gardens or a pot hole free driveway or road dancing in your head? Be sure to call St. Laurent & Son today. We're your first step in curb appeal.  

We Deliver - See Our Delivery Area

Figure out what you need and call 784-7944. Our friendly customer service staff will help arrange timely delivery so you can start on time and finish the weekend standing at the barbeque.  

The unofficial first weekend of summer begins May 26th and it will be here before you know it. Call now to insure delivery before the weekend starts.  We have loam and aggregates for every imaginable Memorial Day weekend project.

Start Now

We recommend delivery on Monday the 21st, Tuesday the 22nd or Wednesday the 23rd to insure you have all your materials ready to go. Keep in mind the delivery schedule fills up as we go deeper into the week, so, it’ll be first come, first serve on Thursday and Friday. Yes, we are closed for the long weekend. 

Call 784-7944 or order online. Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!