Compliments For St. Laurent Crew Work Ethic

The St. Laurent construction crew installing new city water lines on Brault and Blanchette streets and Belleview Avenue is doing a fantastic job. Bob Richards' crew is working 12 hours a day, and there is not anyone on that crew who is not gainfully employed.

I have worked around the construction field since 1971 and, at the end of my career, I was hiring contractors with budgets in the millions of dollars. That crew shows up in the morning, and no one is standing around; they immediately go about their business. They have a great work ethic and are enthusiastic about their work. That starts with Richards, who is working alongside his crew for the full 12-hour day.

Tim Mynahan, Lewiston

From the Tuesday, June 20, 2017 Sun Journal…/crew-has-great-work-eth…/2150417