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Order Your Loam for Labor Day Delivery

Labor Day weekend is almost here. Order your loam for delivery now and have it for the weekend. 

Don’t be disappointed! Keep in mind we don’t deliver on Saturdays and Monday is a holiday. It’s why we’re encouraging you to place your loam orders now.

This is a great time of year to plant a new lawn or rebuild your existing lawn. Overnight temperatures and cooler daytime temperatures mean better seed germination. 

Our rich loam is the perfect medium for growth. It’s the right stuff for planting new or to repair an existing lawn. It’s also perfect for overdressing aerated lawns and rebuilding flower and garden beds.

And the best place to get your loam is at St Laurent & Son. Give us a call at 784-7944 or order online. Enjoy spreading loam this Labor Day weekend and have a healthy, green lawn next spring!