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River Road Re-Construction

St Laurent and Sons is in the middle of a major road construction project on River Road in Lewiston, Maine. River Road runs from South Street to Ferry Road with work scheduled from Mt. Hope Ave to Razel Way. The construction spans approximately ⅔ of a mile. 

Initial work started in April of 2021. Completion is expected by the end of October this year.  

One challenge this project encountered was a delay in material. The current economic states has lot of building products on backorder. The St. Laurent and Son crew adjusted accordingly and completed work based on the materials available. Certainly a change from the traditional Point A to Point B process most projects typically use. 

The River Road Road reconstruction project is a big project: 

  • Over 11,560 cubic yards of material will be excavated
  • Aggregates for the sub-base and base total over 2,700 cubic yards
  • Over 7,000 tons of hot mix asphalt for roads, sidewalks, drives and necessary shimming are included in the budget
  • The underdrain drainage system has over 5,000 lineal feet of 6” underdrain pipe not to mention the various sized culvert pipes and the eleven catch basins.

State of the Art Erosion Control Measures

A key component of the project is the installation of erosion control stabliliization meaures. Managing water flow on this project is a  heavy-duty geotextile fabric called Geocell. 

You can see in the photos how these units adapt to slopes and irregular terrain. The cells are filled with fill materials from the site which keeps the system in place. Then, when rain water flows off the road, the Geocell significantly slows the water flow down reducing the potential for  erosion. And, the fill materials stay in place because of the heavy duty geotextile fabric. 

In addition to the erosion control, we will widen the road shoulders and seed and mulch appropriate areas.There’ll be a lot of green growing next spring.  Finally, we’ll install over 2,600 lineal feet of guard rails to frame the road. 

Our crews are proud of the good work they’ve done on River Road in Lewiston, Maine.We kindly ask you to slow down when you see workers nearby and follow the speed limit. Let’s be sure everyone gets home safe.