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St. Laurent Pit - Open Every Season - Spring

Another Maine Winter is over! This means a pick up in activity at our Sabattus aggregate pit where our scale is in full operation.

Homeowners, landscapers and excavation contractors love our scale because it makes life easy. All you do is drive up on the scale, get weighed, fill ‘er up, get weighed again, pay, and off you go.

St. Laurent Helps You With All Your Spring Repair and Maintenance Projects

  • Now is the time to repair those dang potholes in your dirt or gravel driveway. Your car will breathe a sigh of relief too!
  • If you need to rebuild part of your dirt or gravel driveway count on us to have the product you need from coarse underlayment to fine toppings
  • Spring is a good time to consider drainage issues - you may need more than aggregate to solve your driveway problem - call our office at 784-7944 to see how we can help
  • It's time to get your lawn or garden in shape with our nutrient rich screened loam - Landscapers love it

Count on the St. Laurent team to help you complete your spring to do list! Hours of Operation