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Subsurface Sand Filter System Installed

St. Laurent & Son recently installed a sand filter storage system to mitigate the environmental impact for the Valley Beverage, formerly Federal Distributors warehouse addition.

Stormwater Management Plan

We’re finding more and more commercial construction projects require some form of stormwater management plan. The General Contractor on the project was the Sheridan Corporation. Our work to prepare the site for the 23,600 square foot addition included taking their Subsurface Sand Filter Storage System design and building it out.

The value of Subsurface Sand Filters is two-fold. One is their ability to mitigate peak stormwater flows - the other is to remove pollutants. Typically subsurface sand filters are installed under parking or access areas. They require additional engineering and meticulous installation.

How Subsurface Sand Filters Work

They work in a similar manner as a septic system. Underground chambers retain water and slowly release the stormwater back into the environment through a sand filter. The bottom of the system is usually installed about one foot above the seasonal high groundwater level.

The system also must adapt to the variety of soils and their infiltration abilities. The stormwater discharge rate must meet defined standards to prevent it from having a negative downstream impact on groundwater. Also, careful attention is taken when installing a subsurface sand filter system adjacent to groundwater aquifers. All this is done with the goal of preventing groundwater pollution.

The $1.8 million expansion project means Valley Beverage has more space to store beer for its thirsty customers. Our work in building out the Subsurface Sand Filter system means stormwater won’t flood the adjoining area or pollute the groundwater.

Choose St. Laurent & Son for Your Subsurface Sand Filter System Installation

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