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Successful Trenchless Excavation on Mussey Road in Scarborough

The Portland Water District required an innovative solution for a difficult pipe replacement project with minimal road excavation. They assigned the bid to us, St. Laurent and Son of Lewiston. 

Solve Traditional Pipe Replacement with Minimal Excavation

The Portland Water District needed to replace existing pipe on Mussey Road in Scarborough, Maine. The traditional solution - excavate the road and replace the pipe. The inherent problems:

  • Traffic tie-ups which negatively affects area businesses and can be dangerous
  • The need to install a temporary water solution to supply homes and businesses in the area
  • The condition of the original pipe was unknown and might break at any time in the process
  • Because of the low lying conditions of Mussey Road every newly dug section of trench would fill with water
  • Costs. It’s important to use taxpayer monies wisely

Here’s How St. Laurent & Son Did It

Sliplining is a technology that restores structural stability to an existing pipeline. We excavated entry and receiving pits for the slipline technology. Then, our fusing machine, which is capable of fusing pipe 4” to 12” in diameter, fused 1,800 linear feet or about 1/3 of a mile of HDPE ductile iron pipe through the existing 12” diameter pipe. You can see how we did it in the accompanying photos.

St. Laurent & Son is capable of either continuous or segmented methods of sliplining. 

We also can use another trenchless excavation technique called pipebursting. The pipe-bursting technique replaces malfunctioning pipe by running a bursting head through the existing pipe. Pipebursting is highly regarded because it needs less excavation and can be completed in a fraction of the time of traditional trench methods.

Municipalities See Value in Trenchless Excavation

Water, sewer and gas lines are deteriorating throughout Maine. You can count on St Laurent and Son to help solve this issue with a safe, proven and effective method.  We believe our proven track record for successful completion of difficult projects is the critical decision-making criteria in all successful bids.

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