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The Best Time of Year to Get a Paving Estimate

There are better times to request paving estimates than others.

 At St. Laurent and Son our experience tells us the most difficult time to request a quote is late fall. The reason is we’re right up against deadlines. All hands are on deck to complete our scheduled customers driveways, which were planned back in August. 

The approaching colder weather makes this a challenging time of year.

The asphalt plant is only weeks away from closing in early November and will close once we get a good hard freeze.  Asphalt application is temperature sensitive. Cold weather limits the amount of time we can manipulate and compress asphalt. Once it hardens we can’t work it. 

These two factors make it challenging to keep the timeline promises we made to our customers.. 

A third and final factor is our estimators serve as project managers for the jobs they quote. When it’s crazy like it is in the fall, it makes it difficult for our estimators to meet people and provide quotes in a timely manner.. 

We recommend calling the St Laurent and Son Paving Division after November 15th. Our estimators have more time to visit with you and discuss your wants and needs. And our quotes are typically priced better because we love having a backlog of work we can count on in the spring. 

If you choose to wait till warmer weather to get an estimate, you may find you might have to wait longer than you'd like too as we use a first come, first serve approach towards scheduling. Call us and we'll arrange a meeting at your convenience. You and your driveway will receive the time and attention you deserve. 

Call us at 784-7944 or Contact Us to Arrange an Estimate