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Where to Get Sand and Top Soil for Your Fall Lawn Seeding

Are you thinking about turning your tired, half-dead, weed filled lawn into a rich, lush carpet this fall? St. Laurent and Son has the sand, top soil or loam you need to create the greenest lawn possible. 

Fall is a great time to plant a new lawn or repair sections of it.  We’ve read through lots of online and magazine articles about the right way to successfully reseed your lawn.  

It’s All About a Healthy Growing Environment 

At St. Laurent and Son we have the sand and top soil your grass seeds need to sprout and grow strong. Sand allows for improved drainage and keeps the soil from getting compacted. Most articles recommend about an inch of sand be mixed with your existing soil. 

The top soil or loam (both the same product) provides the rich, nutrient filled medium your grass seeds need after germination. The loam at St. Laurent and Son is nutrient rich and has been used in thousands of lawns and flower beds in the Lewiston - Auburn area. 

Why is Fall a Great Time to Seed a New Lawn

  • First, the soil remains warm in early fall. This provides the warmth grass seeds need to germinate
  • Second, the temperature is not so hot that it dries out the grass seed
  • Third, the cool nights and fall rains help keep the seeds moist, which means you don’t have to water as much
  • Fourth, your newly germinated grass seeds have a better chance of survival because weeds don’t grow as fast in the fall

How Much Sand and Top Soil to Order

Let’s assume you have a section that is 10 feet long and 10 feet wide and you want a depth of three inches. Multiply 10 x 10 and you get 100 square feet. Next multiply the 100 sq feet by the three inch depth. That gives you 300. Now divide by 324 and this gives you roughly one cubic yard.

Call St. Laurent and Son For Your Fall Lawn Needs

You can order online or call to 784-7944 to arrange for delivery.  If you want to pick up your sand, top soil or loam just drive over to the pit at 168 Middle Road, Sabattus. Hours and directions

Good luck with your fall lawn project and happy mowing next spring!