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  • We've got the scoop on dirt
  • Water & Sewer Construction/Repair

    Water & Sewer Construction/Repair

  • We've got the scoop on dirt

    We've Got The Scoop On Dirt!

    Our excavator operators can dig projects of any size or application.

    We've got the scoop on dirt

  • We Can Handle Big or Small Jobs!

    With all the tools necessary to get the job done, no matter what size, St. Laurent & Sons are your excavation experts.

    Big or Small Jobs!

  • Timber!

    St. Laurent & Sons has the tools to help with your new projects as well as take down the old ones. Give us a call when you have a difficult demolition project.


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    We Have The Right Equipment For Municipal Infrastructure and Commercial Construction Projects

    We Have The Equipment

Maine Construction, Excavation, & Aggregates

Browse our selection of loam, gravel, sand and stone.

Project Updates


Homeowners, are you looking for screened sand for the sandbox you promised the kids?  Or, maybe you need our nutrient rich loam for your garden, garden boxes, or flowerbed?  Or maybe you need crushed stone or gravel to manage drainage or erosion issues.   St. Laurent and Son has the material you need, in stock, right now.  

Our pit is located at 168 Middle Road in Sabattus and is easy to get too.  You can use the Maine Turnpike or just head up Sabattus street and look for Middle Road (View Pit Location On Map).

We deliver too!  Delivery can be arranged within a 30-mile radius and it’s easy to order.  Call 784-7944 or order online at Stlaurentandson.com.

Count on St. Laurent Son to have the materials you need, to complete your spring outdoor projects.  Then, you’ll have the whole summer to relax on the hammock.  You deserve it.


Did you know St. Laurent and Son has recycled products like 2” and 4”crushed concrete or ¾” reclaimed asphalt, and recycled bricks?  Not only are we doing our part for the environment but these items are cost-effective!

  • Crushed concrete is perfect for general bulk fills including drainage, road construction and pavement sub-bases.  Recycled concrete aggregates have a high porosity factor, which leads to higher absorption rate and is perfect for drainage use.
  • We also carry reclaimed asphalt.  Reclaimed asphalt can be used as a granular base or a sub-base, as embankment or fill material, and other appropriate applications.
  • If you are looking for recycled bricks we have them and they are in good shape.  Most of them came from the demolition of Lewiston - Auburn’s old mills.  You’ll find these recycled bricks are economical and perfect for paving a patio or other spaces.

Do you have clean asphalt, brick and concrete?  We’ll take it off your hands at no charge.  Beats paying for it at the recycling center!  Just bring it to the pit 168 Middle Road in Sabattus and we’ll find a home for it.

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