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2017 Auburn Hampshire Street Reconstruction Project

It’s been a long time coming, but the 2017 Auburn Hampshire Street Reconstruction Project is wrapping up! We take great pride in finishing our projects on time, but a series of unexpected events delayed the project. Our crew noticed some things below grade that had to be addressed by higher powers. Unfortunately, this delayed the completion date from late November of 2017 to May of this year.

Thanks to the People Who Live and Work on Hampshire Street

We want to thank everyone who travels, lives, or works on Hampshire Street for their patience through the 2017 City of Auburn Hampshire Street Reconstruction Project.  We accomplished a lot including:

  • new drainage structures including new storm drains and new underdrain
  • new water services
  • new pavement
  • new granite curbing
  • new sidewalks and driveways
  • new lighting and landscaping
  • new signage
  • and improved striping  

Thanks to our crew for doing their good, hard work and everyone who was touched by the project particularly the people who live and work on Hampshire Street.