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Phase 2 - Old Lisbon Road

We’ve begun the second phase of water and sewer replacement on the Old Lisbon Road in Lewiston. Phase one focused on water supply pipe replacement. This second phase involves replacement of sewer mains, storm drains and manholes. 

Most of the work is on St. Ann Street, Webster Road and a portion of Upland Road. The project started on April 5th and completion is planned for mid to late September.

We’re removing the old sewer mains and installing over 3,600 lineal feet of 8”, 10” and 12” Ø PVC Sewer Pipe. If you do the math, you’ll find that adds up to over 2/3rd’s of a mile of PVC Sewer Pipe, not to mention an additional 1,000 lineal feet of house or building sewer pipe to be installed. Plus, we’re installing (16) 4’ Sewer Manholes and (3) catch basins.

Right now, we’re in the Upland Road portion of the project which should be done by mid-June. Our previous project work began with the digging of test pits and mobilizing our equipment to the work site in early April. The first evidence of the sewer replacement work began at the Webster Road intersection in the second half of April. This was followed by sewer replacement the St. Ann Street throughout the month of May.

The longest part of the project is coming up. It will be the sewer replacement on Webster Road. This part of the project starts in mid-June and is expected to be completed by late August.

The final steps of the project will be paving the streets and loaming where needed. Expect this from late-August to mid-September.

If you live on St Ann Street, Upland Street or Webster Street or use Webster Street to get to and from Route 196 be prepared for construction delays. Help keep our crews safe and we’ll do our best to keep traffic moving along. Once we’re done we believe you’ll love the finished product.