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We’re Making Progress On The Maxwell Road Turnpike Overpass In Sabattus!

 Ever wonder, how bridges are replaced? Here are three photos that explain our ongoing project on the Maxwell Road Turnpike overpass in Sabattus. 

The banks on either side of the Turnpike are built up to support each end of the new bridge but it’s done in 6-10 inch increments. Once built up and compacted, we test each level to make sure the correct compaction percentage is in place before we move on to the next level.

And yes, we still work by hand. The photo of the mini excavator shows it moving common-borrow in place, but it’s our laborers who level the next 6-10 inch increment and compact it. 

We’re about halfway through the project with an October 2017 completion date. You’ll still have to use the detour till then.

Here’s the  link: